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Network Strategic Plan

 Food System Policy Education and Outreach

We strive to provide food system stakeholders throughout the Adirondacks with opportunities to learn about policy, funding, and regional opportunities for impact. By building capacity, awareness, action on local, state, and federal issue and policy developments, we can drive systemic change. 

We are working to create and nurture connections between farmers, processors, distributors, retailers, consumers, funders, and social care providers across the food system. By brokering relationships across the region and across sectors, we help the North Country collaborate and do more together than we can each do alone. 

 Building Relationships Across the Food System
Data Gathering and Information Sharing

Interacting with a system as complex and important as the Adirondack regional food system is a daunting task for any individual. The Network is striving become a key resource to regional partners by helping leaders, organizations, and residents navigate the system by curating shared data, maps, and other information across the food system.

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